5 Minutes After Midnight

The Wannamingo Mine

Vault 007, Johnsonville

The group meets in a limo at Dallas airport. They’re carried to Vault 007, and a media circus. The group recognizes one of their members, Saul Less, is a physician recently acquitted in the murder of his wife and her lover. The cryogenic process is only supposed to last 20 years until the war is over.

The group wakes up to emergency lighting. Two of the tubes are empty, and one with a crack contains a skeleton. Alex hears people through the vents talking about treasure maps, and looting the place. The door out of the cryo-bay is welded shut. Alex finds a loader in the corner. The rest of the group hides, except for Lenny. The door is cut open, and a battle ensues between the looters against Lenny and Alex. Holliday and Ricky are very upset at the two’s deadly use of force.

They find a half starved mule and cart outside. They follow the treasure map to a town called Johnsonville, but on the way they encounter Radscorpions and the mule dies.

They enter the town in the middle of a town hall meeting at Anal Johnson‘s bar. The town is upset that the Wannamingo Mine is shut down, because of Feral Ghouls. Lenny offers to take care of the problem for a sizable sum, and is made sheriff. The group camps out in the bar’s basement. The group goes to the Mine and clears out the infestation. They find the corpse of the previous sheriff. The town seems to be mining a landfill, and fixing up the items in an old Johnson & Johnson factory in town.

The group returns to town to a celebration. They pool their money and buy a Chrysler Highwayman.

Ricky has a dream of standing on a sand dune, and seeing atvs crest the horizon.



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