5 Minutes After Midnight

I think We Need a Bigger Boat
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Group takes a job from Sergeant Pepper to procure seafood. They meet Captain Seasalt at a dock a mile west of Citadel. He takes them a few miles out. Using chum to bait sharks, the sharks are then used to lure a deadlier prey, a King Crab. After a quick battle, and baths for Alexi and Lenny, the group kills the crab and a few black tipped sharks. Alexi skins the sharks.

Ricky has a dream in black and white of Raiders around a campfire. A red katana appears and cuts down the raiders.

Sergeant Pepper’s next assignment is tracking down a missing Texas Ranger in Waco.

Anthony greets the group and informs them that three Abberations have escaped. Dr. Solomon demonstrates telekinetic abilities. Holliday uses a bull horn to call out the Texas Ranger and Abberations. The group vanquishes the Abberations, and then goes looking for the Texas Ranger. They find his mauled body. Lenny suspects Charles killed and ate the Texas Ranger. She warns Dr. Solomon. They recover the Ranger’s horse. A vial of green goo is discovered on the Ranger that shows explosive vegetative abilities. Jonsey hacks the Ranger’s pipboy and finds the location of Vault 22 in Abilene.

The group discovers the Waco Armory, and after a couple of days gets the vault door open. Besides the corpses at the entrance the building, the armory is untouched. There is a low level of radiation that permeates the building. The group loots, and then camouflages the building.

The group returns the Ranger’s body to Citadel. Ricky uses his psychic powers to cause Sergeant Pepper to grant him citizenship. Holliday convinces him to send colonists to Waco now that the threat is over.

The group visits the Oilers to overhaul the Chrysler’s frame. While visiting Lenny, Ricky and Holliday go on a Sand Worm hunt. Lenny makes the kill shot, and is awarded two teeth from the beast by Slick. Holliday experiments with Screelik by eating it in its rawest form. He experiences euphoria and 10 of the nearby women throwing themselves at him. Ricky witnesses, and comes to suspect Screelik may unlock psychic powers. Tar Baby mentions that Psychotick claimed to have moved things with his mind, but that it was probably just a hallucination.

On the way to Abilene the group comes upon the bodies of the Raiders as Ricky dreamed it.

The group finds Vault 22 with a sign warning of dangerous plants. Their first encounter comes in the cantina. Vines attack the group trying to choke them. Yellow flowers with baby faces scream as the group clears out the vines. Large yellow bell flowers in the back are destroyed, and reveal half eaten bodies of other intruders. In the Overseer’s office overgrown venus fly traps attempt to eat the group. Lenny retrieves the master key card. A log reveals the vault’s purpose is to terraform the post apocalyptic world. Their downfall came when they tried to create plants that could ward off animals that would steal their fruit. The last entry mentions noise in the walls. The group is almost wiped out at the armory, where fragrant purple flowers put everyone except Ricky to sleep. The group escapes with 5 tasers and recharge stations, and a set of riot armor. Holliday takes some flowers as specimens. They blaze through the dormitories before entering the water purification level. Holliday is surprised by lily pads that shoot glass-like petals at him. A large monster made of seaweed comes from under the water. Lenny uses her machete to tastefully decorate the walls with its body parts. Holliday obtains the specs to their water filtration system. The final rooms is filled with the remains of the original vault inhabitants. They are a combination of man and plant. A Holliday lobotomy reveals their brains are filled with seeds. Ricky discovers a pulsating brain plant with stingers filled with seeds. The group destroys it, but Holliday takes seeds for later. Ricky finds a safe with an intact G.E.C.K., and the scientist’s research notes. The group collects large amounts of plant blood for experimentation. Holliday spends the drive home designing a delivery system for the terraforming agent. His design can affect a 1 mile radius.

At the Car Wash
Stalkers, Ghouls, Holliday's Boredom

On the way back from Waco the group has a flat tire on the Dr. Pepper truck. Radscorpions attack while they are changing the tire. The group is quickly victorious with Ricky’s psychic powers. Ricky has a dream about a cloaked figure walking across the sands. The sand falls away beneath its footprints revealing bodies churning underneath.

The group arrives at Citadel with the supplies from Waco. Holliday promotes Waco as a good place for supplies for the city. The group is introduced to Sergeant Pepper, and are processed into Freelancers. They gain addmitance into the Trade Quarter.

Ricky hits on the waitress, Danae, at the diner. He bungles it horribly, and she asks a waiter to cover her table. He attempts to apologize later, but comes off as a creeper. He is banned from the diner for awhile. The group goes to the bar where they meet Ben, the Postman, and Madison. Madison seems interested in Ricky’s psychic abilities, but only platonically. Alex and Madison return to Alex’s hotel room for the night, while Ben takes Lenny back to his. Ricky has a dream of Madison and Alex’s activities.

The group heads to Dent to acquire access to the salvage yard for the Citadel. Sergeant Pepper warns them it’s best to come in from the Northwest as Dent lies on the edge of ground zero for Dallas, and Fort Worth is infested by Orcs. He provides the group with sodium iodide for their excursion into Dent. Dent is populated by ghouls and the group is to acquire the salvage yard by any means necessary.

The group drives to the edge the hotzone, and goes the rest of the way on foot. The salvage yard is encircled by stacked cars. They split into two groups to reconnoiter the area. Saul’s gun goes off alerting the ghouls to their presence. The group primarily deals with a glowing ghoul, Zatch, and Henry, their leader. Henry has a team of snipers supervising their interactions. Holliday suggests to Zatch that the ghouls could move to the vault outside of Johnsonville. Zatch heads out on foot to investigate. Holliday grows impatient waiting, and negotiates a deal between Henry and Sergeant Pepper for salvage. The ghouls will prepare the cars for delivery to Citadel, and receive foods, and materials for a percentage of the weight. Holliday is impressed with the longevity of the ghouls, and their claims to have lived through the war. He takes samples for Dr. Solomon. He also has an interlude with a female ghoul, and contracts a glow stick STD. Ricky uses his abilities to spy on Madison and Ben. Madison is sleeping in silk sheets, and Ben is fighting off ghouls with a shotgun.

The group delivers the ghoul sample to Solomon, and Holliday receives treatment for his disease. He does some fancy explaining to Belinda about how he contracted the disease. Solomon takes a dna sample from Ricky to see if his abilities are encoded genetically.

Arriving back at Citadel, Ricky tries to apologize again to Danae by waiting outside the diner until she gets off work. She files another complaint with Sergeant Pepper about Ricky’s stalking. Ricky is banned from the Trade Quarter for three months, and receives a notation on his file about his unwanted sexual advances.

Why Can't We Be Friends?
Oilers, Citadel, Manimals

The journey to Citadel is interrupted by a race with the Oilers. After a rocky start the group is towed back to their oil rig for repairs on the car. Ivan fixes the car while Ricky, Holliday and Lenny join the Oilers in a Sand Worm hunt. Tar Baby helps Lenny find new clothes.

After the car is repaired, the group continues to Citadel, where they must fill out applications to become citizens. Only Holliday and Saul are selected for entry. They decide to stick with the group, and decline the invitation. The guard suggests if they go to Waco and retrieve medical supplies, they may become Freelancers for the city. They don’t have anyone free to do it themselves. Ricky has a dream about his brother falling down a hole and not being able to save him.

The group arrives at Waco to find the bridge is out, and Jonsey, another vault dweller, has also been sent by Citadel. This seems to contradict what the group was told about no one else being sent. Ricky uses his new psychic abilities to bend the bridge until it’s accessible by rope. The group crosses and enters the jungle. They make their way to the city and discover a Dr. Pepper factory. Jonsey and Ricky are very excited for carbonated beverages, and a working truck. The group makes this their temporary base of operations as they explore. As they look around town they catch fleeting images of animals eyes watching. While exploring the VA, Jonsey falls through the floor. A feline man, Charles, rescues him. He bids the others to follow him to “Father”. The elevator shaft reveals a deep sub-basement that’s part of a medium size vault. The group meets Dr. Solomon, “Father”, his bashful nurse, Belinda, and Anthony. Dr. Solomon and Saul patch Jonsey up. They leave him to rest, and the group has a luxurious dinner. The group is invited to stay the night. In the middle of the night a sound awakens the group. Investigating they find a locked room with feral looking creatures inside. They search for Dr. Solomon and find Jonsey is turning into a fish. Quick thinking saves Jonsey from asphyxiating in the air. Dr. Solomon appears and explains that part of the original group from the vault decided to go out into the wasteland and explore, but they never returned. He decided that men must adapt quickly to their environment and began testing retrogene therapy with animal DNA. He had meant to give Jonsey reptile DNA, but there seems to have been a mix up. Saul and Solomon reverse the effects. The group agrees to send people for experiments so long as they are allowed to leave peacefully. After taking crates of medical supplies, and raiding the town for gear, the group repairs the broken bridge and returns to Citadel.

The Wannamingo Mine
Vault 007, Johnsonville

The group meets in a limo at Dallas airport. They’re carried to Vault 007, and a media circus. The group recognizes one of their members, Saul Less, is a physician recently acquitted in the murder of his wife and her lover. The cryogenic process is only supposed to last 20 years until the war is over.

The group wakes up to emergency lighting. Two of the tubes are empty, and one with a crack contains a skeleton. Alex hears people through the vents talking about treasure maps, and looting the place. The door out of the cryo-bay is welded shut. Alex finds a loader in the corner. The rest of the group hides, except for Lenny. The door is cut open, and a battle ensues between the looters against Lenny and Alex. Holliday and Ricky are very upset at the two’s deadly use of force.

They find a half starved mule and cart outside. They follow the treasure map to a town called Johnsonville, but on the way they encounter Radscorpions and the mule dies.

They enter the town in the middle of a town hall meeting at Anal Johnson‘s bar. The town is upset that the Wannamingo Mine is shut down, because of Feral Ghouls. Lenny offers to take care of the problem for a sizable sum, and is made sheriff. The group camps out in the bar’s basement. The group goes to the Mine and clears out the infestation. They find the corpse of the previous sheriff. The town seems to be mining a landfill, and fixing up the items in an old Johnson & Johnson factory in town.

The group returns to town to a celebration. They pool their money and buy a Chrysler Highwayman.

Ricky has a dream of standing on a sand dune, and seeing atvs crest the horizon.


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