In 2040 Vaultech became an innovative technology firm that worked on safe rooms, private bunkers and a burgeoning cryogenics field.

In 2043 a China supported Iran invaded Afghanistan. Iranians marched in Chinese manufactured power armor. The United Nations imposed severe trade sanctions upon the country and cut most diplomatic ties. China publicly denounced the use of their hardware for an invasion. The Russo-American Alliance threatened military action. North Korea publically advocated the Iranian invasion.

In 2044 it becomes clearer on the geopolitical field that China, Iran and North Korea are allying as an official accord is reached in Beijing uniting the three in defense treaties. China freely begins improving North Korea and Iran’s already potent nuclear capabilities.

In 2045 growing tension in the Middle East increases drastically with the Iranians and Chinese invading Pakistan from both sides. UN objections reach a fevered pitch. The Russians and Americans withdraw from the UN and begin moving their troops into the Southern borders of Russia, Eastern Turkey and Iraq. All governments are at their highest military alerts. The concern of nuclear war reaches all involved nations. America begins doing drills for bombers in every major city. “Entrepreneurs” begin selling bomb shelters and items to protect against nuclear fallout. Public paranoia of World War III and nuclear strikes become publicly salient. Families of Middle Eastern descent face prejudice and assault on an almost daily basis.

2046-2048 Tensions remain high between armies along the border. An arms race develops between the two opposing alliances. The UN dissolves as member countries feel that it is ineffective without Russia and the United States supporting it. India requests to join the Russo-American Alliance out of fear of being caught between Iran and China’s military might. American troops move into India and begin training the Indian army. Japan also joins the alliance and is fortified by the US Navy. Indian factories begin producing mass scale Japanese designed power armor for the new Indo-Russo-American Alliance.

2047 China develops the Electro-magnetic nuclear bomb. This bomb is designed to not only destroy everything at ground zero, but to completely disable all electronics in a much larger radius. The concept was developed with the intention to make enemy armies powerless as power armor suits became steel coffins.

In 2048 Vaultech, seeking to advertise their newest product, The Vault, and recoup the rather large investments made by the founding board members create a lottery for their smallest Vault, Vault 007 in Texas. Tickets sold for 5.00 Swiss Francs a piece, the primary currency of the time. The offer included freezing in a cryogenic chamber deep in the heart of the Guadalupe Mountains for the duration of the conflict. This was advertised to be secure against even nuclear threat. The company was projecting a ten year stay at most, which was well within their profit margins for the lottery. Should the vaults actually become required to withstand a nuclear assault then profit margins would be the least of the company’s worries. Eight slots were offered in the lottery. A publicized ceremony is held for the winners to be inserted into the chambers.

In 2049 the allies invade Iran. In a preemptive strike special forces attempt to hit nuclear launch sites in Iran, North Korea and China all simultaneously. Unknown to the allies’ naval defense grid a submarine off the coast of Florida launches half a dozen EMP nukes at North America. Similar submarines bomb Europe, Russia and India. NORAD retaliates before taking a direct nuclear hit. China, Iran and North Korea all receive complements of nuclear warheads.

2099 The Union is incorporated.
2100 The Republic of Texas is founded by Daniel Esposito and Samuel Tomes. Samuel Tomes creates a shielding system utilizing the radiation field from fallout.
2111 The Confederate States of America rises.
2120 The New England Coalition is formed.
2150 The New California Republic is joined.

2248 The present

5 Minutes After Midnight

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